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I’m Dolores and this is a little bit about me and my little swim school…

I started swimming myself with our local swim club in Athlone at 7 years of age and loved it straight away. Can’t say I was always the quiet one or that I listened all the time but the teachers and coaches that we had there were kind and patient and I would like to think that I learned a thing or two from them. Over the years I progressed to swimming competitively with the club and then teaching the younger club swimmers. I loved the buzz of competing in the galas and helping the younger kids become confident and seeing them progress. Lots of the friendships that formed among the club swimmers and indeed the parents continue to this day (40 years later- OMG I feel old now!!)

Fast forward to 2018 and I started up my own little swim school here in Limerick. I’m the proud Mother of 3 fabulous young kiddies and my swim school is like my 4th baby!!! All of my swim programs are carefully planned and include introducing the core aquatic skills and developing swim skills to ensure each swimmer optimises their capabilities. Everyone learns differently and with small group lessons each swimmer gets the chance to progress and shine! We love to celebrate our achievements and there is always great camaraderie among our swim groups both young and old(er). FUN is a fundamental part of any effective learning process.

So where can you find me? Children’s group lessons are suitable for age 4+ are held Tuesday 4pm to 7pm and Sunday 10.30am to 3.30 pm at The Limerick Strand Hotel. Term dates vary and are usually 6-8 weeks depending on schools, holidays etc. Adult group lessons and aqua aerobics take place Monday from 6.30pm at Planet Health, Childers Road. One to one swim classes can also be arranged for suitable times. Adult classes are all pay as you go but must be confirmed in advance. You might also see me at the pool in UL- teaching your children when they take part in school swimming lessons, coaching the Swim for a Mile group or teaching aqua aerobics.

Swimming has really given me so many opportunities and I am delighted to be in a position to help others develop their swim skills and truly enjoy swimming. Wherever you are on your swim journey I would love to help. Please feel free to get in contact and I look forward to hearing from you.

Dolores x

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