Adult Swim Lessons & Coaching – Private classes to cater for all levels of swimmers.

If you would like to learn how to swim so that you can enjoy family pool-time with your children -you are not alone. This is given as one of the main motivations for adults to want to learn how to swim. Perhaps you regret that time you went on holidays and sat beside the pool, wishing you could enjoy it. Well, NOW is the perfect time to learn! When holiday time comes around again, you’ ll be ready!

If you are already swimming and would like to incorporate regular sessions into your fitness regime, then I can work with you to analyse your technique to ensure that you are swimming efficiently. Next, we’ll devise a personal program to bring you closer to reaching your swimming goals.

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Nervous or anxious swimmers:

What if you’ve had a bad experience and have developed a fear of the water? Ok, don’t worry – we’ll work on this together. I’ve worked with lots of non-swimmers to overcome their fears and am so happy to report that many of these are now committed regular swimmers! I’m also delighted  to have partnered with ‘Aquaphobia Learning Program’ – a pioneering provider of education for those with debilitating fear.

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