Let’s get the ball rolling!

At last! Pools are opening June 7th for individual training.

  • Are you tired of the same routine and want to try something new?
  • Feeling stiff/tired?
  • Need to work on your fitness?
  • Need an energy boost?
  • Do you want to feel motivated by your workout?
  • Are you ready to bounce back?
Personal Training in the water!
You don’t have to choose between cardio and strength training… working out in the pool is the perfect combination. The buoyancy of the water cushions your joints ensuring a safe workout. Moving through the water creates resistance that can be varied to suit your workout- the more resistance the more energy you use to overcome it!
Working out in the water using prescribed movements can enhance your activities of daily living (ADLs) and help prevent injuries.
Everything is improved when you add water 🙂
Working out in the water is the perfect cross-training session or recovery for runners, golfers, tennis players. It is used by many of the world’s top athletes as part of their overall fitness strategy.
Many people have found training in the water to be the perfect way to re-introduce exercise after surgery, illness or periods of inactivity.
Water exercise is truly universal 💦❤
Personal Training sessions can be standalone, combined with land based training sessions or indeed swim lessons/coaching.
If you would like to work on your strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, balance and coordination get in touch to find out more and get the ball rolling!
See you soon 💦🏃‍♀️💪